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NEWS FLASH: Kinda lonely here.

Hey! In 3 days I drive back to Vancouver and pick up Anita and Erik and whisk them away to our new home in Penticton. FINALLY! Yay! It’s been almost a month of living alone, minus a quick weekend that they drove up for Father’s Day. I’m coping. I’ll survive. It’s been kinda nice sort of rediscovering how I manage my day to day, without worrying about someone else’s morning or afternoon or evening or anything else. I eat when I need to (far less often), I sleep when I’m done (11-7 seems to be my rhythm) and it’s quiet all the time. I only have music on when I’m cooking or cleaning or doing something, otherwise if I’m working there’s no noise. It’s glorious.

Today I cleaned my favourite guitar and restrung it. I used Fret Doctor and it did wonders to the very, very dry fretboard.

Here’s a side by side, oiled and dry:

Now yes of course I know that’s wet oil and you could put anything there, peanut butter oil, and it would look great. Trust me though, after letting it soak then wiping it off, the fretboard looks a million times better.

The guitars are going to get mounted on the wall, I sanded and stained this 2×6 and I’ll slap it up once I get some good wall anchors.

Then it was time to de-clutter some cables. I hate seeing loose messy cables, makes me mental. Thanks Tunacat for helping.

That’s it! I’m hungry now, time to eat.

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